Welcome to PplusSv6
About meHey, I'm Philipp. Calculation to determine my age are currently running in the background or JavaScript is disabled. Here I could write more things about myself. Unfortunately I don't have much to say about myself.
Things I've done so farSomebody once told me I once did other things, than building this website. Further down on this page you can find examples for this if I find some.
GGE-VertretungThe GGE-Vertretung (GGE substitution plan) is an app that I once build. It can show the substitutions at the Grashof Gymnasium Essen.
This pageI mean it has to be mentioned somewhere. This page is also here to represent other webpages I build so far.
Random codeIn the German version there is a paragraph here where I cry about that I'm never invited to projects by others and so on. I won't translate this.
Do I want to say anything else?Yes. Otherwise I would not have added this paragraph. I want to make you aware that a feature from PplusSMC4 has its comeback here. The Terminal is available for all users except you. You can be one of the others if you enable JavaScript.
Do you want to say anything else?Then contact me using one of the contact options in the bottom left.